Data Model

Annotation Data

We represent our annotation data as a list of data elements affected by modifications, the modified data element values within the dataset and/or comments added by the annotating agent. In consideration of the XML based nature of the envisioned dataset standard formats, elements of that list will at least consists of the following elements:

  • Annotation context selection
  • Value suggestion for the selected context elements
  • Annotation type (e.g. new determination, typo correction, georeference)
  • Free text comment referring to the selected context element(s)
  • Annotator's motivation for making the proposal
  • Evidence for the proposal given by the annotator
  • Annotator's constraints (optional)

Annotation Meta Data

To complete the data model the following meta data are needed:

  • Reference to
    • the original object (GUID-Triple)
    • the digital original document (GUID)
    • the annotation (GUID on the basis of GUID of digital original document)
  • Origin of original document (e.g. download-URL with date)
  • Data format of original document (ABCD/Darwin core)
  • Annotator (Name, Email, Institution)
  • Annotation date